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What's better than one adorable stuffy to befriend and love? TWO!

Our handmade friends come with an emotional aid pocket pal...making PocoKins two perfect pals in one!

With one perfect for cuddles and snuggles and the other tucked snuggly in its pocket on a knotted string - so it can go for a walk yet never get lost...these two will be your best friends forever!

 What is a Pocket Pal?

A special pal to tell your worries to.
A trustworthy friend to keep your dreams safe for you.
Tucked in a pocket is where they hide.
A loyal buddy always by your side.

TO MAKE IT EXTRA SPECIAL, ADD A POCKET PAL FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE'S POCKET (perfect for taking with you on the go)!

And what's even better than that?!?

PocoKins are made with children of the world in mind. The Summer Collection 2022 benefits In a Perfect World ( Each pal makes a difference by giving children food and clean water, building schools, and empowering the next generation of leaders in the poorest parts of the globe.

Now that's a lot to LOVE!