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Our Mission

We believe all children deserve the right to a happy, carefree life. We pledge to help our partners provide nutritious food, clean water, supplies, an education, and camps that support emotional well-being to every child in need around the globe. 

PocoKins is also committed to lasting social and environmental change. To this end, every stage of production supports farms and villages with fair wages, safe facilities, and sustainable materials.

About Us

Created by a mom that struggled with worry as a child, PocoKins were made to ease anxiety for little ones, and were inspired by her son, Nicholas’, deep sense of empathy for those in need.

The pals were conceived to bring more than just snuggles and comfort to kids who receive them...they were made to bring hope and change to children around the world. Each stuffed friend is intended to make you smile - knowing that it will not just bring joy to its owner, but to many children it will never physically touch. 

Handmade with love, PocoKins are crafted with the highest-quality materials, and are ethically produced in Peru, helping artisans earn fair wages and support themselves and their families.

Your purchase empowers our nonprofit partners to support the causes and communities that will make this world a better place. Thank you for joining our PocoKins family and supporting our mission.