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How It Works

Psssst... It's no secret that your kid is probably dealing with some big feelings, whether it's worry, anger, shyness, sadness, or fear of sleep due to bad dreams.
We'll get straight to the point:


Mini dolls are commonly used in therapeutic settings, namely Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, along with affirmations, to help the client identify the emotion, communicate it, affirm that what they are feeling is normal and temporary, and thus create a more positive experience getting through a big emotion that was once uncomfortable.

We believe identification and communication of feelings is the foundation of healthy social-emotional development, and could carry into your child's adult life, benefiting them in countless ways, including developing empathy for themselves and others.

It is not lost on us that kids who need to carry a little friend to help them through the day might also feel a bit of embarrassment.


Big Pals are a physical demonstration to your child that it's totally okay to carry a Pocket Pal! 

Big Pals enjoy spending time with their Pocket Pals. They do everything together- they adventure, craft, read, cook, run, and play together! They also reach for them in times of need, because Pocket Pals are one of the most trustworthy friends you can find!

Both Pocket Pals and Big Pals have been endorsed and loved by many respected, licensed mental health professionals. Furthermore, PocoKins are adored by and helping children all over the nation.

No matter the emotion, PocoKins want to show they understand…and if you share what you feel, someone will always lend a hand.

Because PocoKins know all we really need in the end…is the care and comfort of a good friend.